HP Scitex FB750
  • HP Scitex FB750
  • Print Resolution 1200 x 600 dpi
  • Print Speed (Max.) 85 m²/h
  • print size 250 cm
  • print height 64 mm
  • paint technology UV
HP Scitex FB750

With your HP Scitex FB750 UV Printer, you can print directly on hard substrates up to 302x250 cm.

You can print on a variety of (up to 64mm) rigid/flexible materials and attract new customers with the different applications that this unique product enables you.

White ink option and double sided matt/gloss effects will enrich your applications and add value to your business.

Enhanced image quality, improved high-intensity white photo print modes and opacity will increase your ease of use thanks to its productivity.

You can print 21.1m2/hour in 3 pass mode with indoor quality.

You can feed up to 6 same or different materials at the same time and save time by printing different images.  With the new practical roll to roll option that can be placed on the conveyor you can easily and efficiently print your short run roll jobs.




HP Scitex FB750 Overview