HP Scitex FB17000
  • HP Scitex FB17000
  • Print Speed (Max.) 1000 m²/h
  • print size 160 x 320 cm
  • print height 25 mm
  • paint technology UV
  • printing technology HP Scitex High Dynamic Range (HDR)
HP Scitex FB17000

This highly efficient digital printing machine developed for the Corrugated Packaging sector has a 1000 m2/hour capacity which takes digital productivity to the next level and helps you to make profit from your short run productions.

You will achieve cost-effective, short- and medium-run production. Delivering unprecedented digital productivity, the HP Scitex 17000 allows you to meet demanding turnarounds with the quality you need. With the HP Scitex Corrugated Grip and the HP HDR230 Scitex Inks which are designed for economical corrugated printing on paperboard media, you can easily print on industrial-grade standard boards and save time and cost.

Providing precision control over color and tone for clarity of image detail, and producing prints with the highest dynamic range, HP Scitex HDR Printing Technology is ideal for corrugated displays and high-impact graphics in packaging applications

HP Scitex FB17000 Overview