• ZÜND S3
  • ZÜND S3
  • ZÜND S3
  • ZÜND S3
  • ZÜND S3
  • Oil Cutting for Aluminyum Yes
  • Cutting Speed 1 m./ second
  • Material Thickness (Max.) 25 mm.
  • Automatic Bit Change ( ARC) Yes
  • Tandem Vacuum Option Yes
  • Full/Semi-Automatic Feeding Yes
  • Double Knife Cutting Option Yes
  • Full Automatic Router Module 1 kW / 50.000 RPM
  • Otomatik kesim ucu yükseklik ayarı (EOT250) Yes
  • Flexible Packaging (styrofoam,sponge)cut Up to 20 mm.
Groundbreaking Very High Speed

Innovative " direct drive " system has been developed for very high speed production S3.New cutting system ZÜND S3 unprecedented price / performance and has exceptional efficiency. Zund S3 has high quality cutting and textile products to the modular structure , vinyl , films, has a processing capacity of many different materials such as plastic and cardboard thick derivatives. Even in a very small area with a special design of the S3 it can be used easily. The axis Z and T have the ability to move at very high speed . In addition to all these features come with a 300 watt router and decimation tools ahead of the general-purpose cutting devices. Zund Cut Center is a multi-award "design to cut " program complements the S3 segment system.


One cutter, multiple tools , tens of hundreds of different materials and applications

·         Quality and continuity with fully automatic feeding and stacking,

·         High speed at low wide circulation of works and manufacturing samples,

·         Flexible packaging production, Coroplast,

·         Transparent packaging PP, PET , PVC, corrugated cardboard, cardboard,

·         Perform your different POP and stand design with V cutting tools

         ( X- board , Re - board , Photoblock )

·         You can do Thrucut, Kisscut and Crease on the same job in one time.

·         Low number of labels and finishing " printed / unprinted cutting solutions "

·         Very high precision compared to traditional cutting methods.

          ( +/- 0.01 mm)

Zünd S3
Zünd Routing acrylic
Zünd cutting MDF
Zünd Karton kesim, 1.4 G üretim hızı
Zünd twin cutting system
Zund Robot Arm (Zund Robot Kol)
1m/sn Hızla Karton Petek Panel Kesimi
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